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In order to detect, evaluate, understand and prevent any adverse events related to the use of FDG18F, and cases of administration of the same drug in pregnant patients, Villas Boas Radiopharmaceuticals Brazil created the Pharmacovigilance System. This is a direct channel designed to maintain and improve the quality and effectiveness of our services and products.


The notification of adverse events should be made, preferably, soon after the finding of the occurrence. Be assured that the agility of this process directly influences the effective actions of Pharmacovigilance.


Please be advised that all reports made to our company are strictly confidential and will be used only for the purpose of studying and maintaining our quality and safety control.


Information relevant to the event description:


Patient's name


If woman, pregnant?



Description of the event (include duration, current situation, immediate actions taken, and information deemed important to note)

Product Lot

Name of the notifier

Notifying company


It is important to note that suspected adverse events, drug interactions, total or partial diagnostic ineffectiveness, and errors of potential or actual medications should also be reported.


Send the notification to the following email:


Any questions, please contact us by phone number:

telephone: +55 61 21915070

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