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Villas Boas Radiofarmacos operates two production centers for PET radiopharmaceuticals for national distribution. The company was founded in the year 2006, opening the private market for short-lived radiopharmaceuticals in the country. It produces the FDG-18F and P-PSMA radiopharmaceutical, used in PET Scan patients, for the diagnosis and follow-up of heart, neurological and oncological diseases.


Villas Boas has two facilities located in Brasília - DF and Eusébio - CE, in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza, CE. From these two units, the distribution reaches all the main Brazilian cities, from North to South, from East to West.


Pioneering brought experience. The team, still predominantly original, is formed by pharmacists, physicists, engineers, doctors and technicians, all together in a complex routine of production of radiopharmaceuticals, inputs of high perishability.

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