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Villas Boas Group

Villas Boas Group was founded in 1974 with the inauguration of a diagnostic center for image, the Clinica Villas Boas. Focused on the areas of radiology and nuclear medicine, Clinica has established a path of pioneering diagnostic imaging, and is now considered a reference in its area throughout the country.


The group is also active in the area of ​​construction, with Villas Boas Incorporações. This company works in the incorporation of residences and commercial real estate in the Federal District and adjacent regions.


Finally, Villas Boas Radiofármacos, inaugurated in the year 2006, works in the production and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals of short life, especially the FDG18F, for the whole Brazil. A pioneer in the private production of these drugs, Radiopharmaceuticals plays a major role in the growth of diagnostic imaging technology and has been the driving force behind this market for the North, Northeast and Midwest regions.



Reserva Pontal Jaburu

A large environmental project was started in 1998 by the Villas Boas Group with the purpose of preserving the fauna and flora of the region of the Araguaia River Valley. Situated between the Araguaia and Crixás Assú Rivers, the Pontal do Jaburu Ecological Reserve is a true ecological sanctuary. Encompassing an area of approximately 850 alqueires, Pontal do Jaburu is the peaceful home of hundreds of animal and vegetable species, free from the predatory action of man.

Transformed into a Private Reserve of Natural Heritage, Pontal do Jaburu is an eternal gift to humanity. Along the reserve, there are natural attributes of great ecological importance, such as the rich and diverse aquatic fauna, terrestrial fauna, as well as hundreds of species of birds, representing some species typical of the closed biome.

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Escreve Brasilia

An important social project has been gaining "body" since the beginning of 2018. It is the ESCREVE BRASILIA, an action of VILLAS BOAS RADIOFÁRMACOS with the purpose of contributing to the studies of Reading and Writing in the formation of young students of the public school system of the Federal District.

By means of dynamically worked reading and writing, the BRASILIA WRITING wants to show the students the importance of the value of expression. For this the project organizes weekly writing contests. As a stimulus, the student receives, as an award, the monetary value corresponding to the grade he or she obtains in the contest, ranging from zero to 100 (one hundred) reais per essay.

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